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Cedar Creek Blaze of Amber


Blaze was bred by Cedar Creek Mini Nubian Farm.  Blaze has great body conformation with a nice straight top line, pronounced brisket, deep wide body, and gorgeous Roman nose!  I also love her coloring!  She's black and tan mahogany with red cheek combination.  She also has a partial white belt.  She can be a bit finicky on the milk stand, so we've had to get creative from time to time.  However, she's such a sweet goat, we can forgive her most anything!  Blaze was born in February 2019, and stood just over 24 inches at 2.5 years old.  She first freshened with twins, a buckling and doeling, in 2020.  She joined our farm in early June 2021 after her second freshening of a singleton doeling retained by Cedar Creek.  For her third freshening, she gave us twins, a buckling and doeling, from our herdsire, Rhode.