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Cedar Creek Ravenous Kisses Raven *P
Barn Name:

Raven was bred by Cedar Creek Mini Nubian Farm.  She's a large doe with wide, deep body.  She earned her milk star as a first freshener with 6 pounds of milk with 4.63% butterfat at 98 days fresh!  She is solid black, which means she can only give black to her kids.  She has just a few hairs of white and a small patch on her side, so she may pass white on to her kids.  She was born in November 2018.  She was just under 26 inches at the withers in March 2022.  She freshened for the first time in 2020 with a single buckling.  She had twin bucklings in 2021, and freshened for the third time with a single doeling in January 2022 a few months before she joined our herd.     



Goat Trails Romeo Blue

Romeo is a beautiful black buck with frosted nose and ears, a white poll and blue eyes.  He was bred by Goat Trails at Creekside Farm.  

Romeo's Lineage:

D: Goat Trails LF Honey-Rose 2*P

     DD: Sonflower Ranch's Faith *P

          DDD: Sonflower Ranch's Edie 

               DDDD: Sonflower Ranch's Donna

               DDDS: Blue Oak's Silversmith

          DDS: Echo Hill's Eric

               DDSD: Echo Hill's Easter Returns

               DDSS: Echo Hill's Jonah

     DS: Laz E Acres Finley +B

          DSD: Echo Hill's GS Bunny 2*P

          DSS: Cornerstone Farm Moonlight

               DSSD: Cornerstone Farm Glitter

               DSSS: Echo Hill's Winchester

S: Screaming Goat Farm Picasso

     SD: Soaring Heart's Tate

          SDD: FGCH Soaring Heart's Hyacinth

               SDDD: Soaring Heart's Valerian

                    SDDDD: Cascade's Angelica

                    SDDDS: Echo Hill's Flap Jack

               SDDS: Echo Hill's Rio Bravo *B

                    SDDSD: Echo Hill's Sierra Sarah

                         SDDSDD: Hidden Creek's Sierra Wind

                         SDDSDS: Echo Hill's Dashing Dakota

                    SDDSS: Echo Hill's Cracker Jack

                         SDDSSD: Echo Hill's Cinnamon Spice Girl 2*P

                         SDDSSS: Heart's In Dixie Indian Boy

          SDS: Soaring Heart's King of Pop

               SDSD: Echo Hill's Lady of Grace *P

                    SDSDD: Echo Hill's Nakita

                    SDSDS: Echo Hill's Sinbad

               SDSS: Cornerstone Farm Napoleon

                    SDSSD: Cornerstone Farm Cappuccino

                    SDSSS: Echo Hill's Bristow

     SS: Green Gables Heyden

          SSD: Green Gables B Pollyanna 3*P

          SSS: Green Gables Beloved Freedom

               SSSD: Rainbow Hill Freckle

               SSSS: Rambler's Fairhaired Boy


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