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Lil Rascal's Calico


Cali is one of our first goats, and we're quite smitten with her.  She is also special to us because she was the first goat to kid on our farm!  She's our herd queen, so she runs the show with us and the rest of the goat herd.  She was born in April 2020, and stood just over 26 inches at the withers in February 2022.  Cali's coat pattern is buckskin.  She may carry Swiss or Black and Tan.  She also has frosted ears and nose and a white poll.  She freshened with a single buckling in April 2021.  Over the course of her first lactation, which was just over 200 days, she produced over 600 pounds of milk at an average of 5.7% butterfat!  For her second freshening in 2022, she gave us beautiful twin doelings from our herdsire Hans.  We retained one doeling, CFFTX TTR Sparkling Ruby, while her sister, CFFTX TTR Ella, is nearby with another family.