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Cat Whisperer

Aidan is definitely the comedian of the family. He has a great sense of humor and incredible timing when it comes to astute observations about the absurdity of life! Being the middle kiddo, he is our peacemaker. However, he also studies martial arts and is learning to throw sharp pointy objects, so can hold his own with his black belt big brother. He's a kind and caring brother, always willing to play a game with his little sister or big brother.

He's our animal lover, and is even more a cat whisperer than his dad. He can be found petting rabbits and hanging out with the goats and his mom during milking. He is a gifted athlete, who is instantly great at any sport he picks up. His favorite sport is soccer, and he's passionate about Monster Jam monster trucks. We know that he will be amazing at whatever passion he decides to follow!

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