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Meet Our Does

Kingdom Acres MJ Selah AR9*D

Selah comes from a combination of some strong Green Gables lines and some of the best Nubian lines Crow's Dairy and Six M Galaxy!

Lil Rascal's Calico AR*D

Calico is one of our foundation does and the herd queen. She freshened for the first time in 2021 with a single buckling.

Kingdom Acres Blue Moon

Berlynn's registered name is Blue Moon, a nod to her blue roaning!  However, when she joined our farm, we thought she looked similar to the German flag, so we call her Berlynn in honor of Germany's capitol.

Cedar Creek AWR Moonpie In the Sky

Moonpie is a petite doe! She's red bezoar with moon spots galore. She has strong milk production and conformation in her lineage from both sides.

Kingdom Acres Pearl

Pearl is full sister to Berlynn and half sister to both Selah and her daughter Bailey. We named her Pearl as we thought her white marking looked a lot like the outline of a pirate ship! Ahoy, matey! LOL!

Kingdom Acres Bailey's Irish Cream

Bailey is one of Selah's daughters from her first freshening. She is a beautiful, very petite girl with some strong breed character!

Lil Rascal's Hot Cocoa AR*D

Cocoa is one of our foundation does. She freshened for the first time in 2021 with a single buckling.

Cedar Creek Blaze of Amber AR2*D

Blaze comes from the fabled Green Gables lines! She freshened for the first time in 2020 with twins, a buckling and a doeling.

Cedar Creek Ravenous Kisses Raven *P

Raven is a beautiful doe, with a strong roman nose, straight topline, and huge capacity! We're excited to see what she brings to her herd.

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