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CFFTX RD Hope of Freedom
Barn Name:

Hope was born on Memorial Day in 2022, which is why we named her Hope of Freedom as a nod to all of those brave men and women who give their lives to protect our freedoms!  She does show some of the improvements over her dam, Bailey, that we were hoping for as she is both taller and deeper of body.  Hope is buckskin with extended cape, and she carries black.  She also has a partial white belt, white poll, and random white on her feet and legs.  

Hope freshened for the first time in 2023 with twin bucklings from our herd sire, Cedar Creek CCL Oreo Truffle.  She delivered them easily without assistance, and was a fantastic mother to them.  In 2024, Hope gave us buck/doe twins again from Oreo.  We have retained the doeling, CFFTX COT Hope's Lady Isis.    



TNF Ranch Rhode Dendrun

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Kingdom Acres Bailey's Irish Cream

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Sire's Sire:

Lost Creek Ollie Ander

Sire's Dam:

Nani Loa Piper