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Kingdom Acres MJ Selah AR9*D
Barn Name:

Selah was bred by Kingdom Acres, and was born in 2019.  She's a petite doe standing just over 24 inches at nearly 3 years old.  She joined our herd in October 2021.  

She is buckskin with extended cape.  She has frosted ears and nose, white poll, and partial white belt.  She carries Sundgau (Black and Tan) as she has produced a black and tan kid when bred to a black buck.  For her first freshening in 2020 before she joined our herd, Selah produced twin doelings.  One of her daughters, Kingdom Acres Bailey's Irish Cream, joined her on our farm.  In 2022 Selah freshened with buck/doe twins, CFFTX FRT Levi, who is a herd sire at Sharp Goat Ranch in Elgin, TX, and CFFTX FRT Selah's Delaney both sired by Freedom Ridge Tucker, one of our fantastic herd sires.  In 2023, Selah freshened with buck/doe twins again.  We retained her daughter, CFFTX RD Selah's Hollyhock sired by TNF Ranch Rhode Dendrun

In 2022, Selah earned her milk star designation, AR9*D, in 305-day testing from TMGR by producing 1,210 pounds of milk and 46 pounds of butterfat in 163 days!  



Green Gables Mojo +*B

Mojo is a beautiful and small buck.  I believe he is buckskin carrying black.  He has an extensive white overlay.  His dam had a significant amount of roaning, which he has also passed to a number of his daughters along with his smaller size.  

Mojo's Lineage:

D: Green Gables EHJ Amazing Grace *P

     DD: Green Gables Milk 'n Honey Raisin

     DS: Echo Hill's Jasper *B

S: VMCH Green Gables SS Moonbeam *+B

     SD: Green Gables USG Trillium 2*P

     SS: Echo Hill's Shining Star


Crow's Dairy Comet's Genesis AR 8*M

Genesis is a beautiful full nubian with some outstanding production! She is currently owned by, Wolfhill Ranch!  In 2022 at 6 years old, she received a LA 90 VEVE appraisal score (Very good - general appearance, Excellent - dairy character, Very good - body capacity, and Excellent for mammary).  WOWZA!  As you can see from her lineage below, Genesis comes from some incredible genetics both in production and conformation. 

Genesis' Lineage:

D: Crow's Dairy Patti's Eryn 7*M

     DD: Crow's Dairy Meagan's Patti

          DDD: Crow's Dairy Cindy's Meagan

               DDDD: Black Mesa Cory's Cindy Lee

                    DDDDD: Black Mesa Coriander

                    DDDDS: Revel Rhesa's JJ Rio Grande 

               DDDS: Six M Galaxy Noel's Comet

                    DDDSD: Six M Galaxy Nova's Sonia Noel 

                    DDDSS: Six M Galaxy D. Lucky King

          DDS: Six M Galaxy Red Robin

               DDSD: Six M Galaxy Fawn's Spring

                    DDSDD: Six M Galaxy Nate's Gold Fawn

                    DDSDS: Six M Galaxy Nova Sunrise

               DDSS: Six M Galaxy Cocos Lucky Tiger

                    DDSSD: Six M Galaxy Coco Chanel

                    DDSSS: Six M Galaxy Tia's Lucky 

     DS: Black Mesa Marco's Bingo

          DSD: Black Mesa Lea's Langley

               DSDD: Revel Lucie's AM. Lea 

                    DSDDD: Revel Lass ' J.J. Lacie

                    DSDDS: Revel Amanda's J. Amon

               DSDS: Black Mesa Sassy's Zippy

                    DSDSD: Revel Stella's RV Sassafras

                    DSDSS: M's Sagebrush SDGV Aragon

          DSS: Revel Miriam's Exp Marconi

               DSSD: Revel Mei Tu's J.J. Miriam

                    DSSDD: Kastdemur's EJ Mei Tu

                    DSSDS: Ladies-Blue CMD Jesse James

               DSSS: Kastdemur's Expressway

                    DSSSD: Kastdemur's Next Exit

                    DSSSS: Kastdemur's Le Exacta    

S: SG Six M Galaxy Noel's Comet +*B

     SD: Six M Galaxy Nova's Sonia Noel

          SDD: Six-M-Galaxy Pistachio's Sonia

               SDDD: Six-M-Galaxy Sonora

                    SDDDD: Woest Hoeve Heaven

                    SDDDS: Six M Galaxy Candy's Lightning

               SDDS: Six-M-Galaxy Milanis Pistachio

                    SDDSD: Six M Galaxy Tina's Milani

                    SDDSS: Six M Galaxy Milestone

          SDS: Six-M-Galaxy Poseys BF Nova

               SDSD: Six M Galaxy Posey

                    SDSDD: The Six M Galaxy Blossom

                    SDSDS: Six M Galaxy Tradition

               SDSS: Six M Galaxy Milo

                    SDSSD: Six M Galaxy Mimi

                    SDSSS: Six M Galaxy C. Horizon

     SS: Six M Galaxy D. Lucky King

          SSD: Six-M-Galaxy Galina Darlene

               SSDD: Six-M-Galaxy Aimee's Bonita

                    SSDDD: Six M Galaxy Aimee

                    SSDDS: Six M Galaxy Orchid's Obsidian 

               SSDS: Six-M-Galaxy Colorado Red

                    SSDSD: Six-M-Galaxy Astrid's Alycia

                    SSDSS: Patch Quilt Farms Lone Star  

          SSS: Six M Galaxy Tia's Lucky

               SSSD: Six M Galaxy Gabe's Portentia 

                    SSSDD: Six M Galaxy Shaylene

                    SSSDS: Six M Galaxy Gabriel 

               SSSS: Six M Galaxy Desmond

                    SSSSD: Six-M-Galaxy Grace

                    SSSSS: Six-M-Galaxy Posey's    

Sire's Sire:

Green Gables SS Moonbeam *+B