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Freedom Ridge Tucker
Barn Name:

Tucker was bred at Freedom Ridge Nubians as an accident during a jail break by his sire, VCH Mistwood LJJ Jacob's Java. I believe our Tucker and **IvyRidge Smooth Operator Orion are full brothers. Orion is the sire of our herd sire Bandit. Orion and Tucker are paternal half brothers to Oreo's granddam, **IvyRidge Total Eclipse of the Heart. Tucker himself is a gentle and easy-going guy. Even in full rut he's easy to handle and gentle. However, he does take after his sire, Java, as he "decided" for us in 2022 who he wanted to breed. We're SO glad he did! He produced some incredible kids from Selah! We are looking forward to choosing his ladies for him in 2023 to have him intentionally improve our ladies instead! At 3 1/2 years old, Tucker stood 28" at the withers. Tucker's coat pattern is a light Cou Clair / Swiss combo with random white. Almost all of his kids have had a similar white patch on one of their hooves!



VCH Mistwood LJJ Jacob's Java


Brighthaven Onyx

Sire's Sire:

Sweet Syringa's Latin Java Joe