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Kingdom Acres Pearl


Pearl was bred by Kingdom Acres, and was born in 2020.  She is the result of an accidental line breeding between her dam and her dam's sire.  However, it's hard to go wrong linebreeding Green Gables stock!  Due to this, she's a extremely petite doe standing just over 19 inches in November 2021 at nearly a year old.  The mini nubian breed standard minimum is 23 inches, so we will be utilizing her to bring down size on some of our larger, less refined goats.  She joined our herd in October 2021 along with her full sister, Berlynn, and half sisters, Selah and Bailey.  Pearl is a black and cream buckskin with partial white belt, some roaning, frosted ears and nose, and white poll.  She will freshen for the first time in May 2022.