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CFFTX TTR Sparkling Ruby
Barn Name:

Ruby is indeed a sparkling jewel in our herd!  She has wonderful breed character, a deep body, and has a soft, capacious udder.  She exhibits all of the improvements we were hoping for over her dam!  She was born on our farm in 2022.  She is bezoar carrying black with frosted ears and nose, white belt, white roaning and moon spots.  She kidded for the first time in 2023 with buck/doe twins sired by Cedar Creek SOO Masked Bandit.  



Texas Tykes Ruger

Hans is one of our current herd sires.  Check out Han's page for more on his lineage.


Lil Rascal's Calico AR*D

Cali was one of the does in our herd.  Check out Cali's page for more on her's and Ruby's lineage.

Sire's Sire:

Cornerstone Farm Moonlight +B