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Texas Tykes Ruger
Barn Name:

Hans was bred at Texas Tykes Farm. He also spent time as a buckling and young herdsire at Kessel Run Dairy Goat Farm where he contributed to their amazing breeding program. Hans earned his barn name because he reminded us of Hans Gruber, the bad guy, from Die Hard! He's a sweet dude and has produced some beautiful kids for us. Hans has amazing breed character as he is high percentage Nubian since his dam was a standard Nubian.  He has gorgeous dairy strength and lovely, buttery soft dairy skin. Hans has brown eyes, is disbudded, and his coat pattern is Bezoar with a large white belt, white blaze, frosted ears and nose, roaning, and moon spots! He has only produced kids with bezoar coats, so he carries bezoar which means he can only pass along the bezoar coat pattern. This handsome guy has it all!  We love all of the improvements to udder texture and breed character that he has brought to our herd! Check out the photos of his past kids below to see the amazing udders he throws!



Cornerstone Farm Moon Light +B


Fruitful-Acres London

Sire's Sire:

Echo Hill's Winchester