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When it comes to keeping things on the farm running smoothly, there's no one else who could come close to this man! He's the chief plumber, electrician, carpenter, mechanic, engineer and so much more. When it comes to the farm animals, he loves the piggies the best. You'll most often find him in their pastures giving them scritches and belly rubs! They know who brings them their food, and they talk to him constantly while he's with them. He's also an incredible partner in wrangling the sheep and goats. No one else can tackle an errant, rutty buck goat like he can!

He's a video gamer at heart and enjoys unwinding at the end of his long days by playing some of his favorite first-person shooters or action-oriented puzzle games. He also loves riding his motorcycle and working on antique cars. One day he's going to find a Fox body Mustang to restore just like his first car as a teenager.

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