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Lil Rascal's Hot Cocoa AR*D
Barn Name:

This beautiful lady is one of our first goats along with Cali.  Cocoa's very sweet,  and quite stunning as well.  She was born February 17, 2020, and in June 2021 she stood just over 24 inches.  She's heavily moon spotted with gorgeous bright blue eyes.   Underneath her moon spots she's has a traditional bezoar coat pattern, and carries black and tan.  She also has a partial white belt and small white poll.  At her first freshening in September 2021, she gave us a stunning singleton buckling, CFFTX RD Snickers Satisfies sired by TNF Ranch Rhode Dendrun.  With her first freshening she earned her AR*D milk star on 305 day test!



Cedar Creek Birthday Surprise Sully

Sully is the sire to several of our goats on the farm!  He's a stunning guy with moon spots galore and some of the best lines in the Mini Nubian world behind him!  He is also polled, though the three goats we have from his line all have horns, and have been disbudded.  Sully spent time at Goat Trails at Cedar Creek, and they have a page of his lineage with some great photos here.

Sully's Lineage:

D: Green Gables MB Amber Rose *P

     DD: Green Gables FF Amber

     DS: VMCH Green Gables SS Moonbeam *B

S: Westwind Acres Texas Willy Blue

     SD: Westwind Acres Sandy

     SS: Eddy Place Baldy Blue

          SSD: Eddy Place Bobbie Jo

          SSS: Eddy Place Cabro Loco Blue


Texas Tykes Lady Carmela

Carmela is Cocoa's Dam.  She was bred by Texas Tykes Farm.

Carmela's Lineage:

D: Blue Mule Priscilla Cottontail

     DD: Blue Mule Bonnie

     DS: Eddy Place Bodacious Blue

S: Goat Trails Oliver

     SD: Eddy Place Kandi Kisses

     SS: Laz E Acres Finley +B

          SSD: Echo Hill's SG Bunny 2*P

               DSSDD: Echo Hill's Emerald 2*P

               DSSDS: FCH Echo Hill's Sinbad *B

          SSS: FCH Cornerstone Farm Moon Light

               DSSSD: Cornerstone Farm Glitter

                    DSSSDD: Cornerstone Farm Dazzle Me

                    DSSSDS: Hidden Creek's Theodore Roosevelt

               DSSSS: Echo Hill's Winchester

                    DSSSSD: Echo Hill's Tiara's Ruby Red

                    DSSSSS: Forget-Me-Not Octavian

Sire's Sire:

West Wind Acres Willy Blue