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CFFTX FRT Selah's Delaney
Barn Name:

Delaney is a combination of two of our strongest lines on the farm!  She was born in 2022, though she will only freshen for the first time at 2 years old in 2024.  She is a cou clair and buckskin combination with lightly frosted ears and nose, small partial white belt, white on her feet and random white.  She exhibits some of the improvements we were hoping for over her dam!  Namely, she is deeper and wider than her dam while still maintaining strong dairyness.  She also shows more levelness of rump.  Additionally, her hooves do not require as much maintenance as her dam.  We can't wait for her to freshen to see her udder improvements!



Freedom Ridge Tucker

Tucker is one of our current herd sires.  Check out Tucker's page for more on his lineage.


Kingdom Acres Selah AR9*D

Selah is one of the does in our herd.  Check out Selah's page for more on her's and Delaney's lineage.

Sire's Sire:

VCH Mistwood LJJ Jacob's Java